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Подбор и поставка оборудования для пищевой, фармацевтической, косметической и других отраслей.

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Dear ladies and gentlemen!

The main aspect of the “TehPost” company activities is to supply the Russian factories, plants, industrial units and firms with equipment and spares to it, complete sets and the consumed materials of foreign production.

The distinguished feature of the “TehPost” company is to carry out multiple projects, offering the wide range of services in export-import, to search necessary supplier, coming into contact with him, to hold preliminary negotiations and adjustments, to order and to buy the required equipment with future delivery and customs legalization.

So our clients have no concern for constant searching new suppliers to solve their different industrial problems.

The efficiency of our work is based on highly skilled staff, knowledge’s of Russian legislation, including customs official registration of the manufactured goods.

Being on good terms with the manufactures helps us to form the pricing policy, according to the wishes and the work style of our clients.

The “TehPost” company has a wide range of constant clients and has good possibilities in Russian equipment and spares market.

With respect,

TehPost Company

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